Welcome to SRT Brno 2018

Let us invite you to the IFMSA CZ Sub Regional Training held this spring in Brno, Czech Republic. Our trainers have prepared the best trainings, including:

   - Training New Trainers - TNT

   - Public Health Leadership Training - PHLT

   - Professional and Research Exchange Training - PRET

   - International Peer Education Training - IPET)

The participants should develop both, soft and hard skills, in various fields of interest of their choice. As participant, you will not only grow as a person and a member of IFMSA, but also spend an unforgettable time with people from all over the world!

Now, go and check out more information on each training section. The website should provide you with all the information you need, yet, if you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask on the Facebook event. And don’t forget to register, the places are limited!

We are looking forward to see you soon!

Members of SRT OC